Pixel Academy's
Student Expert And Leader (SEAL) Program
Open to high school students who are interested in digital tech, working with kids, and/or being part of a team.

SEALs assist Instructors with workshops, act as role models to our members, and have dedicated time at the end of each day to work on their own advanced projects with our Instructors.
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Accepted SEALs can start at the beginning of each month.
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With the support of a Pixel Academy Senior Instructor and access to our cutting-edge tech, each SEAL is required to complete one ambitious creative project, during the 3-month program.

Please use the space below to propose your SEAL project.

If you're not sure quite yet, that's totally OK. However, applications with great ideas for projects have an advantage over those with none.
If you are accepted and complete the SEAL program, what would you hope to get our of your experience?

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